The digital toolbox for your analog RPGs.

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Available as AppImage and from the AUR!

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Available as portable 64-bit Windows executable!

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Free Software

GM-Companion is licensed under GPL v3 and the source code is available on GitHub.
Contributions are welcome!

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Combat Tracker
Item Shops
Character Overview
Name Generator
Unit Converter

Best Features

Load files from Nextcloud!

Files can either be stored locally on your computer or on a Nextcloud server.

Play music from Spotify!

Music can be played using local files or Spotify. They can even be mixed together in one playlist.

Map markers!

Running an open-world campaign with lots of places that the party can visit? Place markers onto the map for faster access to the most important information!


Is this a VTT solution?

No. This application is intended to be used at a physical table.

If you need a virtual tabletop then maybe have a look at Fari App, Ogres Tabletop or MapTool, all of which are also free and open source.

Is this intended for a specific RPG system?

GM-Companion is system agnostic. Content specific to your favorite system might be available via unofficial addons.

Can I request features?

Yes, right here! But please be aware that this mostly a one-person-project and developed during free time. So it will probably take some time until your feature is implemented. Of course, implementing it yourself is also an option.

Do you accept contributions?

Yes! Have a look at the GitHub page for more information.

I am not a programmer, can I still contribute?

Absolutely. You can report bugs, write translations, improve the documentation and more. Ask on GitHub what is currently needed.

Is there a web version?

For the moment, GM-Companion is available for desktop only. But a web version is planned for the (far) future.

What about platform […]?

Every additional platform means a lot more maintenance work and would require a larger development team. That being said, the application is intentionally written to be cross-platform and ports to Android or Apple platforms should be possible.

What does this cost?

Your soul. Other than that, it’s free forever.

Any more questions?

Ask them on GitHub!