Version 1.0 Released!

Phil | 08 October 2018

GM-Companion version 1.0 has been released. Finally! The last release (0.3.3) was nearly a year ago. Since then I have completely rewritten the UI (I switched from QT Widgets to QML), added a new tool, improved old tools and changed a lot of features back and forth until I was really happy with them. Unfortunately I was not able to spend as much time developing the GM-Companion as I would have liked, but I am really proud of what it has become and hope that someone else will find it as useful as I do. A big thank you to...

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Quick Progress Update

Phil | 22 January 2018

As I have not done anything with this website in the past 6 months, here is an update: The last blog post here indicates that I released Beta 3.1. Well, actually I have released two newer versions since then but have completely forgotten to put updates out here, especially since I removed the start page which would display this blog from within the program. I don’t want to go into too much detail on everything that has changed since version 0.3.1, partly because I am currently working on the first stable release version. That one will contain another UI overhaul,...

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Released Beta 3.1

Phil | 23 June 2017

Beta 3.1 has been released! This update introduces a notes system, translation support and improves the UI. Custom Qt-StyleSheets are supported as well. It also introduces the concept of addons for specific rpg systems. This feature is still under development and will have more features in the future. Currently there are two addons available: DSA5 (The Dark Eye, though currently only available in German) SIFRP (A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying) Official addons for other systems will be available in the future and there will also be an Addon-Creator for you to create your own addons. Addons can add...

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Released Beta 3.0.1

Phil | 25 May 2017

This version fixes a path issue under Windows and some minor bugs. The name generator was broken when using a windows installer. Also the blog was not shown correctly, it always scrolled down to the first post. The window size of the Linux version was glitchy so I fixed that as well. Though I know there is still a bug with screen resolutions smaller than 1920x1080 but I still do not know what causes it. Maybe I can fix those issues in the next version.

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Ubuntu Repository is Here!

Phil | 24 May 2017

I finally did it. Ok I know. I said it would take some time until the GM-Companion is released as a source package in a repository for GNU/Linux systems. But investing so much time in trying to do it and then giving up was somehow not acceptable for me. So I simply invested even more time and now finally it is here. At least for Ubuntu 17.04 amd64 systems. I proudly present: ppa:rophil/gm-companion To add it to your system, open the terminal and type sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rophil/gm-companion Then to install the program type sudo apt-get update This updates the list...

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Beta 3.0 Released!

Phil | 22 May 2017

Beta 3.0 has just been released! It can be downloaded from here. It is now possible to use an installer for the Windows version and it is available for 32 bit or 64 bit systems. But for those of you who don’t want to install it, downloading a .zip for running the program without installation is also possible. Unfortunately GNU/Linux users currently don’t have that choice. I was just not able to create a working .deb package for a simple installation. That does not mean there won’t be one in the future but because I am still new to developing...

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Beta 3.0 Coming Soon!

Phil | 21 May 2017

Expect beta 3.0 to be released in the next days! We are currently testing the second release candidate of beta 3.0 and I am working on the linux port. If there are no major bugs that require fixing, the new version should be out tomorrow or the day after. Since the program was completely rewritten since beta 2.9.1 the new version should be way more performance efficient. Also you can expect some cool new features like a name generator or a character overview. I am also working on updating the wiki but to be honest, that is really time consuming...

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