The dice tool is pretty much self-explanatory.
Select dice by clicking on an icon or enter a custom amount of sides in the spinbox.
You can also roll multiple dice at once and / or add a modifier. These modifiers can be positive or negative and are added to the resulting roll.



Dice Count Dice Sides Modifier
3 6 4

Result: 18

Detailed Information

The dice tool will also display more detailed information:

Roll: 3x D6 + 4

Roll 1: 3
Roll 2: 5
Roll 3: 6

Temporary Result: 14
Modifier: +4
Result: 18


The dice tool can indicate criticals by displaying the result in a different color than usual (green for success, red for failure, orange for mixed result).
You can enable / disable this feature and also set what kind of results should count as a crit, either min / max result or fixed values.