Shop Tool

With this tool you can create item shops.


  1. Select a project in the combo-box. (If there are none, open the editor and create one)
  2. Select a category on the left.
  3. Select a shop on the right.
  4. Done.


Shops are managed in project files. By default these are located in this folder:

Every shop also belongs in a category, so create one first before trying to create any shops.

Editing a shop

When you have created a project, category and a shop, select the shop on left.
Now you can set a shop owner and add a short description.
You can add items to your shop from the item list on the right. If the list is empty, open the item editor and create some items.

Item Editor

Every item belongs to a category, so create one first.
Enter the item name and select a category. Price and description are optional.
When you are done, click “Add Item”.
You can now add your item to a shop.