This tool allows you to take some quick notes during a session or simply to have all your story notes in one place.


Chapters are actually folders inside your notes folder.
A chapter can store multiple note pages.

To add a chapter, click the “+” and select Chapter in the combo-box.
Enter the title in the text field and click “Ok”.

To remove a chapter, select it via the combo-box. Then press and hold the trash-bin icon.
Warning: This will also delete all pages inside it!


Notes are textfiles stored inside chapters.
A note must belong to a chapter.

Click the “+”, select Page and enter the name to create a new one.

Pages don’t have to be saved, everytime the page is edited it saves automatically.
To delete a page, select it and hold the trash-bin icon in the sidebar for a few seconds.


The “Encrypt Page” button encrypts the current note using the “rot13” method.
This method is not a save encryption method as it only replaces every letter by the one at the current alphabetic index + 13.
This means that encrypting the encrypted note again restores the original one.

The idea behind this feature is to prevent others from accidentally reading your notes and spoil themselves, if for example the laptop used by the gamemaster is not actually owned by him but by a player.