Getting Started

For detailed instructions see the documentation.

Audio Tool

  • Go to settings, set path of music and sound files
  • Open audio editor, create new project
  • Add a category and a scenario
  • Create an element, add music/sound files, radio playlist file or URL
  • Optionally create a thumbnail image, place it in your resources path, add image to element

See the full documentation


Using Spotify with GM-Companion requires some additional steps first:

  • Go to Spotify developer page
  • “Create an App”
  • In app settings add as a redirect URI
  • Go to GM-Companion settings, add “Client ID” and “Client Secret” of your app
  • Restart GM-Companion
  • You can now add Spotify playlists and albums as elements, the “Audio Addon” has some great RPG related playlists. You can add by adding a Spotify element and pressing “Add from Addons

Note that playing Spotify playlists requires the Spotify app running in the background.

See the full documentation

Map Tool

  • Open your maps folder (see “Paths” settings)
  • Create a new folder
  • Place map images inside

See the full documentation

Character Tool

  • Open your characters folder (see “Paths” settings)
  • Create a new folder and name it after the character
  • Place images of the character sheet inside

See the full documentation